What is Career Entrepreneurship?

Career Entrepreneurship (CE) is the process of designing, launching and transitioning to the next steps in your career as if it is a business venture.

From a Career Entrepreneurship perspective, your career can be about identifying problems and challenges that could benefit from your skills and knowledge and are interesting to you. It can be about exploring and finding people who are interested in paying for what you have to offer. It can be about creating change and personal leadership.

Applying this idea to managing your career can have positive outcomes. It provides a perspective for exploring opportunities differently. Not only in terms of available jobs but also through exploring how you like to add value in work. A career entrepreneurship approach can broaden your landscape of opportunities.  As opportunities arise, a career entrepreneurship mindset can enable you to think about how you might capitalise on it.

In the current world of work career management is a necessary skill for all workers. There is a strong link between managing a career and skills for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are focused on value creation. They often become forces for change by making things happen. They see change as opportunities to create new ventures and use their resourcefulness to do so. They are motivated to keep taking steps forward regardless of barriers.

Career entrepreneurship overcomes the win lose approach of traditional job search because there is always a NEXT and an opportunity to reflect on what else needs to be done to move forward in small and large steps.

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